The Atlanta Photographers Guild is the most active group of professional and hobbyist photographers in the Atlanta area. Meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis and feature aspiring and professional models as subjects.

The Atlanta Photographers Guild is a co-operative. We meet to share technique, equipment, and a good time. Official meetings and workshops are way below the price point of the general market because we believe that photography is exciting and that excitement should be shared.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010


DAVE RICE is doing a special Advance Lighting workshop TONIGHT JULY 1, 7PM @ Studioplex.  More information available HERE.

TRESS RITTER and DAVE RICE's Bridal workshop is coming up on SUNDAY July 18 as well.  If you want to learn from one of the best wedding photogs in the group along with the light mastery of DAVE RICE, here's your opportunity.  More information HERE.

Burlesque Camera Club, I'd like to thank the participants of Tuesday's Burlesque Camera Club at the Academy Theatre in Avondale.  DAVE RICE, DEAN HESSE, SHOTGUN, DAVE DOBBS, and the girls of Big City Burlesque were super generous with their time, talent, and equipment.  Also don't forget to tag your photos from the show as bcc062910.  Post as many as you can but only your highest quality.  We want to demonstrate our expertise not merely our attendance.

photo by Dave Rice

I am in a quandary about next month's BCC though.  The theatre is already rented for the date that we have the second edition of Big City scheduled (July 27).  Should we skip July?  Should we move location back to Sycamore Place for one date?  Also, how do you feel about contributing to concessions at the Academy?  I'm really interested in hearing from those of you who have attended and enjoyed the BCC about what would best serve you.

STUDIO APG is up and running.  I've been shooting pretty much every day breaking in the new joint.    I know a lot of you have lobbied for an open day of shooting like we did at Studio 1*five*0.  We would love to do that but at this juncture that is not possible due to size / space limitations and our rental agreement.  I am working with the owner to figure out how to do an open house that won't be too intrusive.

I'm considering adding a monthly Tuesday studio night to our calendar for about 5 participants with two models.    I haven't figured out a price point.  Let me know what you think.

Also, I really really need a mental holiday so I'm going to the beach ALL NEXT WEEK.

If anyone would like to rent the space Saturday to Saturday for $300 let me know.  Call / text me direct at 404-925-0024.

TRENT CHAU is in charge for the APG meeting on July 6 6PM at Elliott St. just in case anyone is wondering.  Contact him with models and suggestions.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trent's Weekend w/ The Canon T2i

When the T2i was rumored a short while ago I was pretty meh about it (All my Canon rumors come from As the day progressed though, more concrete information came out, and when it was announced that full 1080p manual video was available I just had to have the camera. Quickly putting the spare T1i up on market, I’ve been salivating at the idea of the T2i coming in.

Read Trent's complete review here.


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